Monday, August 12, 2013

NBI starts fund scam investigation; invites 97 mayors - Manila Channel

MANILA, Philippines – Justice Secretary Leila De Lima confirmed in a text message that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) started to investigate the P900 million Malampaya fund scam by alleged businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles.

According to De Lima, the NBI is now making a simultaneous investigation to the said anomaly with regards to the allegations of whistle-blowers Benhur Luy and Merlina Suñas .

Moreover, the NBI invited 97 mayors linked to the said scam.

"Aside from individual notices or invitations sent to these mayors, the NBI is issuing this general public invitation to the mayors named in that list to cooperate in the on-going probe, either through personal appearance before the NBI or submission of sworn statements on what they know or do not know about such scam," De Lima said.

However, in a statement given by Luy and Suñas, the employees of Napoles forged the signatures of the 97 mayors in order to appear that they benefited the Malampaya fund.

"But the truth is, according to the whistleblowers, no funds were released to the mayors since the P900 million all went to Napoles," De Lima stated.

On the other hand, the NBI is now working for the documents that will support the statements of the whistle-blowers.

"The NBI is now working double time to complete a substantial part of the probe so we can release a report and file charges," she added.

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Mary Grace M. Gomez
ABCom Intern
Leyte Normal University

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